Universal Double T Harness

Introducing the Lewis Products Universal Double T .This simple versatile full body harness was designed by hunters for hunters. Not for some pretty fashion show . It's lightweight (1 lb), compact and fits the whole family. And it's MADE in USA.


Features include:

  1. Can be worn inside or outside coat. Perfect for climbing so you won't overheat. Simply put on your coat after you have set up and cooled off.
  2. Military style quick release buckles that cannot be accidentally opened by brushing up against something. Both wings have to be compressed.
  3. Adjustable for the whole family with three adjustment points  for the perfect fit. Weight range 50-300lbs. Why buy a new harness each year when the kids grow ? Adjustable for those growing phases.
    Harness adjustment points:
    1. Immediate access to the suspension relief device (SRD).When an emergency happens you don't want to have to search for your emergency gear. On our harness Its where you need it WHEN you need it.
  1. Light and comfortable. Designed to be put on at the camp or truck so you don't have to fool around when you get to your stand. Walk as far as you like quitely.
  2. Extensive range of motion. Range of motion is critical in climbing as well as taking that difficult shot. With our 30" tether length you can move when you need to.
  3. MADE in USA by hunters for hunters. Our craftsmen and women take pride in the quality of our work so that your harness will perform when it needs to.
  4. Comparison shop! Don't believe us. Try our harness for 30 days and compare it to any other competitors product. Walk in it, climb in it and practice your shooting with it. If you're not 100% satisfied simply send it back for a full refund. No other manufacturer stands behind its products as well or has the same warranty.