Hunter Rescue Self Recovery Fall Arrest Device (Descender )

Our manual descender is over designed and overbuilt to do one thing. Get you down when you need it for generations to come.

  1. Light weight aircraft grade aluminun.
  2. Works in all weather--rain,snow, heat and cold.
  3. Reusable... the only descender that will allow you, your kids and grandkids to practice using the device without having to buy a new one each time.
  4. You control your descent. It works when you want it to work, not when the device thinks it should work. In other words, if you fall on the stick side of your lock on, do you want to be able to climb back in or climb down, or would you rather bounce down the sticks in automatic mode?
  5. Ease of operation. Pull on the lanyard to come down. Release lanyard to stop.
  6. Maintenance free. Wash it with soap and water. If the arm moves, the device works.
  7. 30 ft of quality rope. Our rope is made by Pigeon Mountain Industries (PMI), DSCN0436250ba leading supplier of life safety rope for rescue and firefighters the past 30 years. With a minimum breaking strength of 4700 lbs this line will absorb any load you or you loved ones can put on it . Even our lanyard cord is made by PMI. And its all MADE in USA.
  8. Riveted for strength. With solid rivets, our descender has a minimum breaking strength exceeding 4900 lbs. It's overbuilt to last for generations.
  9. Compatible with other harnesses: In addtion to the Double T our descender works with the Hunter Safety System treestalker, Summit Seat of the Pants (SOP) and Gorilla XOTech 30 harnesses.
  10. Lifetime warranty. Like all products manufactured by Lewis Products the Hunter Rescue descender comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The Hunter Rescue is also warranted for life with a three week replacement period. The only thing you have to pay for is shipping and the cost of replacement rope.